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My Photo Faves

I know this page has nothing to do with games, but I added it anyway. More pics coming soon.


This amazing photo was taken by a fire fighter during their forestfires in Montana.


This is a great puzzle pic if you were smart enough to download the puzzlemaker into your shockmachine. If you haven't, go the Shockwave now to learn about it.


Beautiful Mountain Lake...ahh. So prestine. Dont know anything about it, just liked the pic.

the crossing

A very eerie picture. I love it. Got it at another of my favorites, Visual Paradox. You get great wallpaper there!! Worth checking out. Click below for the link.


Thought I might include a picture of me and my cat, Kona. Hehe, now you know the face behind the words. This is a face of a complete internet game addict.