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One stop shopping for great games. The real bonus to this site is that you can download what they call a Shockmachine which allows you to save games to your hard-drive which you can play offline. I strongly suggest the daily jigsaw puzzles and the puzzlemaker. I also really enjoy King of the Hill Paintball and Real Pool. You must check out the recent additions to Shockwave. They would be Deer Hunter and the online game, Inklink!!!

Acrophobia (temporarily out of service)

Now this is one of my all time favorites and a must try!!!! The game is simple with a million possible laughs. You are given a combination of letters which you must make into a phrase. For example, if the letters given are "MDMP" You could put, My Dog Makes Puddles. You then vote for the phrase you like the best and the most votes win. It is a hoot and fun if you bring friends along. Enjoy!!!!


A free virtual 3d city where you are able to get a house, an avatar (3d body), shop in the mall or flea market for items to put in your house. THIS PLACE WILL BLOW YOU AWAY!!! To give you some idea, we have more than 500,000 residents on the site. You can even get a virtual job if you like. You can visit the site in either 2d or 3d and in 3d the chat text is converted to voice which you can hear. Lots to do and great people to meet. It is an absolute must for those who like meeting people or others who just like some recreation time. Check it out!!! Very Family Oriented!!!
Also, if you sign up, please enter Sierra1969 for the referral bonus. Thank-you!!!

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Of course, we have all seen Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on ABC. Well, here is your chance to be in the hot seat. Just like the TV show, with all the lights, heart pounding sound effects and of course, the 3 life-lines. Try your luck. You might win a million....

Pogo Games

You will find a great selection of games here at this site. They have a variety of online bingo, video poker, slots, and other casino games with real jackpots. Also, they have word games, arcade games, and of course the classic board and card games. A nice feature is that you can also enter your friend's names there to find them easily. You also earn tokens that you can cash in for draw tickets to win real money. I personally like the Video Poker and the Spooky Slots. They recently added Dominoes and Sweet Tooth. Both great games!!!


This game plays just like Pictionary. It is a hoot!!! It is very user friendly and you take turns drawing. You draw with the mouse so no need for added hardware. It does take a little practice tho... Dont get discouraged. Quick fingers in the guessing round is a must as well if you want to win. This is another must try. Enjoy!!!


Hey, this game plays just like the other Shockwave's 'Isketch' but in a more personal and friendly format. It will be tough to choose between these two great games and beware if you do as they are both seriously addicting. Does not have specialized topic rooms here but multi-level playing options from beginner to expert.

Pharaoh's Treasure

This site has a lot of lotto type games but I only come here for the Pharaoh's Treasure. For those of you who have enjoyed the solitaire card game Golf, you should find this game very addictive. Complete with Egyptian treasures to find, the Pharaoh's Curse, and the possibility of winning the jackpot could keep you playing all night...


Now this is a great puzzle. Folks that have worked on Codeword puzzles in the Penny Press Variety Puzzle Books will recognize this one. You just may add this to your favorites as it changes daily. Great to do in the morning while enjoying that java!!!

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